It’s In the Bag!

 Look at all the wonderful surprises we received at Stampin’ Up!’s Leadership Conference today!!  I am worn out, but I just had to give you a peek.

Paper and Pens and Purses and MORE!!

Yummy Chocolate! - 3 different kinds 🙂

A BEAUTIFUL tri-fold fabric case for a pen and notebook!

Tri-fold Case - Opened Up

Wait till you get a look at this bag close up!  I swear Stampin’ Up! is so good at making a single item do the work of MANY.  This is 4 bags in 1!

This is the way I received it. We'll call this version #1.

Unbutton the Bottom and Remove to get Version #2

Turn Version #2 Inside Out to get Version #3

Turn Bottom (that we removed earlier) inside out and attach to Version #2 to get Version #4

Note:  If you sewed another set of buttons to the outside of Version #3 (which I am gonna’ do as soon as I get home 🙂 , you would have SIX bags in one!!  I promise if I had a needle in thread I would do it RIGHT NOW.  I have the buttons from the SU! stash in the very top picture.  Yep, I just need a needle and thread . . . oh yeah, and maybe I need to not be exhausted from getting up at 3:30 AM to catch my plane.  Yeah, I guess the buttons will have to wait.

Wanna’ join in the FUN!?!?!?  Call or email me and find out how you can check out our next Downline meeting on Thursday 1/26/12.  We would love to have you!

See ya’ tomorrow with more goodies 🙂

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