Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!??

Well, I can’t say that I am a huge football fan.  As a “Band Mom”, football is that annoying event that happens before and after the half-time show.

But, I am excited about two things this Super Bowl Sunday!!

 First, of course . . . the commercials.  I’ve already seen the Ferris Bueller (Honda CRV) commercial.  LOVE IT!!!   And second, I’m excited about the special discount I will be offering ALL day on Super Bowl Sunday!

Simply place an order with me before the end of the game on Sunday.  Everyone who places an order on Super Bowl Sunday will get a discount based on the last digit of the winning team’s final score!!

So . . . for example, if the score is 28-14 everyone will get 8% off of their total order.  And don’t worry about that pesky zero 🙂  If the final score ends in a zero (example: 20-7) everyone will get 10% off of their order!!!  Remember, orders must be placed through me either by phone, by email, or in person.  This is a Craftastic Passion exclusive offer and the Stampin’ Up! online ordering system won’t recognize it 🙂

Tell your friends! I don’t want anyone to miss this FUN offer!!

To place your order call: (850) 499-3065

or email:

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