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Making a Difference for Orlando Area Public Schools

Stampin’ Up!  donated an entire semi truckload of arts and crafts supplies to Orlando area schools!!  So incredibly proud to be part of a company that makes a difference.

Can’t wait to see those kids get CRAFTASTIC 🙂

Want to know how you can make a difference?

Join my team and be a part of something wonderful!

Awesome Presentations at Leadership 2013

Stampin’ Up! went all out with their Breakout Sessions and Share Fair.  There was so much to learn!!  I took furious notes and snapped lots of pics 🙂  I’m so glad to be associated with a company that values growth and development so much.

Here are a few tidbits from the sessions I chose to attend.

How to Get to Manager’s Reception Next Year – Brian Pilling

Brian is HILARIOUS and really got me ramped up to put a plan in action to make it to Manager’s Reception next year.  I can do it!!  Wonder if it will be somewhere as cool as it was this year.  Totally jealous of the ladies who got to go to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”!

Brian Pilling - How to Get to Manager's Reception Next Year

Brian Pilling

Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence – Diane Dimich, Catherine Pooler, Becky Roberts, Andrea Withers

All of these ladies were inspiring.  I picked up lots of tips and can’t wait to put them into action!  It was fun to get to see some of my “blog heroes” in real life.

Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence - Leadership 2013

Diane Dimich

Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence - Leadership 2013

Catherine Pooler

Becky Roberts - Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence - Leadership 2013

Becky Roberts

Andrea Withers -Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence - Leadership 2013

Andrea Withers

Creating a Blueprint for Success – Brandi Barnard and Meg Daves

Fabulous info from the adorable Brandi Barnard.  Loved Meg Daves honesty and “real”ness!  And . . . thanks for the info on the “Cost Calculator” ladies!!  I love anything that makes math easier.

Brandi Barnard - Creating Your Blueprint for Success - Leadership 2013

Brandi Barnard







Meg Daves - Creating Your Blueprint for Success - Leadership 2013

Meg Daves

 Success Strategies to Empower Your Downline – Holly Linford and Lynsay Mahon

These girls almost made me want to take up rock climbing . . . almost.  But, they did help me to see that big mountains are a lot easier to tackle when you break them down into manageable chunks.

Holly Linford - Success Strategies to Empower Your Downline - Leadership 2013

Holly Linford

Lynsay Mahon - Success Strategies to Empower Your Downline - Leadership 2013

Lynsay Mahon

I can hardly wait for Leadership next year!!  Want to join me?  I would love to have you on my team!!  Click for more info 🙂



Foggy with 100% Chance of FUN!


It may be gloomy outside, but inside the San Antonio Convention Center it is SUNNY!


Demonstrators get to try out our BRAND NEW PRODUCT – A diagonal scoring overlay for the Simply Scored Tool!!


Bright and cheery My Digital Studio downloads.


TONS of Demonstrator created samples!! I couldn’t even begin to count them.

Today Soon, we will find out where next year’s Leadership convention will be. I’m already making plans to go 🙂

Call or email me to find out how you can join me!

More Leadership Goodies!

Stampin’ Up! really is the BEST!  They take care of their Customers and they certainly take care of their Demonstrators.  Today we got a TON of information to help us  build our business and be the best Demonstrators we can be.

This morning, Shelly (Stampin’ Up! ‘s co-founder), told us about some FABULOUS changes coming soon.  I can’t wait to tell you about all them.  I just love how SU! is always adapting to suit the needs of their Customers, their Demonstrators and their Company.

These are all of the wonderful goodies we got at our Main Stage Presentation today.  Good thing I brought a big suitcase with me.

And this was our lunch YUM!  I couldn’t even finish it, it was so big.  I feel like a pretty spoiled little girl right now. But, I think I can take one more day of it. What do you think?

It’s In the Bag!

 Look at all the wonderful surprises we received at Stampin’ Up!’s Leadership Conference today!!  I am worn out, but I just had to give you a peek.

Paper and Pens and Purses and MORE!!

Yummy Chocolate! - 3 different kinds 🙂

A BEAUTIFUL tri-fold fabric case for a pen and notebook!

Tri-fold Case - Opened Up

Wait till you get a look at this bag close up!  I swear Stampin’ Up! is so good at making a single item do the work of MANY.  This is 4 bags in 1!

This is the way I received it. We'll call this version #1.

Unbutton the Bottom and Remove to get Version #2

Turn Version #2 Inside Out to get Version #3

Turn Bottom (that we removed earlier) inside out and attach to Version #2 to get Version #4

Note:  If you sewed another set of buttons to the outside of Version #3 (which I am gonna’ do as soon as I get home 🙂 , you would have SIX bags in one!!  I promise if I had a needle in thread I would do it RIGHT NOW.  I have the buttons from the SU! stash in the very top picture.  Yep, I just need a needle and thread . . . oh yeah, and maybe I need to not be exhausted from getting up at 3:30 AM to catch my plane.  Yeah, I guess the buttons will have to wait.

Wanna’ join in the FUN!?!?!?  Call or email me and find out how you can check out our next Downline meeting on Thursday 1/26/12.  We would love to have you!

See ya’ tomorrow with more goodies 🙂

I Can’t Believe It!!

This year I qualified to go to Stampin’ Up!’s annual Leadership Conference!!!  I couldn’t believe it when I found out this Fall, and I can hardly believe it now that I’m about to leave for San Antonio, Texas!!

Can’t wait to tell y’all ALL about it !! 🙂

Stampin' Up! Leadership Badge

 Holy Smokes! It must be real – that’s MY name!!

Stampin' Up! Bag Voucher

I can HARDLY WAIT to see what kind of goodies will be in our Leadership Bags!

Stay Tuned 🙂