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Star Trek Birthday Card Video

Have you ever needed to make a birthday card for a Trekkie?  Even in the 24th century it’s Stampin’ Up! to the rescue.  Check out this cute video spoof of Star Trek the Next Generation (ie. Card Trek).

Handmade is ALWAYS better than store bought.  I can’t wait to make one of these birthday cards for my husband’s Trekkie boss.

Are you a Trekkie?  Do you live with one?  What do you think of this Star Trek Birthday Card?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment below.

Baby Sock Cupcakes

Look at what I made today for a friend who just had a beautiful little baby girl.  YUMMY!  Oh wait . . . they’re SOCKS!

Baby Sock Cupcakes


That’s right! These adorable “cupcakes” are made out of baby socks.  They make a perfect little shower gift.  And, they are incredibly easy to make!  

Well . . . I was going to post the video here, but for some reason the video won’t embed 🙁  So . . . visit my YouTube Channel for a complete tutorial.  You won’t believe how easy and adorable they are!!

Craftastic Passion – Baby Sock Cupcakes Tutorial

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Scallop Circle Peppermint Patty Treat Bags

Turn ordinary pretzel bags (available in the cake decorating section of your local craft store) into this cute Valentine treat. Easily adapts for any occassion.

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Another Quick Valentine’s Video Tutorial :-)

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Coffee Filter Kisses

Here is a quick and easy Valentine treat holder!  Perfect for class treats or any situation where you need to make a lot of Valentines FAST!

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My Son’s Crazy Invention!

Here is a crazy video that my son and I filmed last year.  I was trying measure my ribbon and had to unwind several spools to do so.  Well, what gets unwound has to be rewound.  It was a tedious task until . . . dum da da duuuuuuum . . . Hayden to the rescue.  He got our battery powered screwdriver and turned it into a Stampin Up! Ribbon Winder.  Too cool!  This video makes me smile.  Hope it gives you a laugh too.

Click on the picture to see this video.

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You’re Not You Without Your Stamps


How long has it been since YOU’VE stamped?!?!?

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You’ll be glad you did.